Gym Floor recoating

Tips on Maitenance Recoats

The Process:

Recoating process involves screening the top layers of old finish on the existing floor. The top layers are abraded so that they allow for the new finish.

First we start by using our rotary buffer machine as an auto-scrubber with a hard bristle attachment, while the scrubbing is taking place the floor is sprayed with a special cleaning solution thereby cleaning any dirt and grime thats on the surfaces.

Second, depending on the hardwood floor material we use a 120 girt screen which will remove the old finish.

Third, the floor is thoroughly vacuumed leaving to dust on the surface of the floor, after with a wet mop that has preparation solution the wood floor is tacked down, thereby removing any residue and leaving it prepared for the finish.

Lastly, we apply the first coat of water based finish, and then wait approximately 2-3 hours depending on the weather for the finish to dry. (Oil finish takes at least 8 hours to dry). Then apply a second coat.

How Long Does It Take?

The time that a recoat will take depends largely on the size of the job? Is there a lot of stuff to move? The type of finish you choose (water or oil)  For example a 10,000 square foot gym  will take one day.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our recoating process price starts at $.50 per sq. ft.

What Type of Finish Do You Use?  Waterbased or Oil? Keep in mind that not all finishes are the same, the more costly products will last 3 times as long as some others.