Gym Rubber Flooring Installation Los Angeles

A home gym is a great way to stay motivated to exercise. If you’re lucky enough to have the extra space in your house to assemble one, you need to consider what type of home gym flooring you want to use. Since a gym floor needs to withstand heavy impact, your typical home flooring choices might not be the best idea. However, once you decide on the right flooring (hint: it’s rubber), the installation is a project you can complete yourself.

Different Types of Rubber Flooring

The best option for weight rooms is rubber. Rubber has many advantages that traditional flooring can’t offer. it’s easy to clean. If you get any sweat on rubber, you simply need some soapy water to wipe it away. Second, rubber provides excellent cushioning for impact exercises, and is strong enough to support heavy weights and exercise equipment.

You can either purchase this flooring in a roll or in individual tiles.

Rubber Roll With Glue

To install rubber roll flooring using glue, we roll out the rubber rolls in the same way you would like them to look when you’re done installing them. Again, make sure the design and color match. After all the rolls are glued down,  a 100-pound carpet roller is used to be sure the rubber has adhered tightly to the glue.

Interlocking Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles are perfect if you don’t want your gym floor installation to be permanent. They’re also incredibly easy to install because they’re basically a giant jigsaw puzzle. Interlocking rubber tiles come in three styles: center, border, and corner. Center tiles have interlocking edges on all four sides,While there are plenty of gym floor designs to choose from, rubber flooring is the ideal material.

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