Gym Floor Resurfacing

Process of Gymnasium Floor Refinishing!

Gymnasium Floor Refinishing is very important as it keeps the floor updated and then reduces the chances of floor getting damaged. The process of refinishing the floors needs to be done by a step by step approach. The whole process is divided into 11 steps and all these steps are dependent on each other in many ways. The complete step by step approach is defined as follows:

  • Removing the Base Molding: This is the first step in the Gym floor refinishing In this, a floor sander is made to thump against base molding, so as to remove it. It is done to remove the shoe molding i.e., the quarter that runs along the floor. In case, if there is no shoe molding, either remove the base molding or take care not to damage it with the sanders.
  • Fix Squeaks and Shore up the Floor: The next step is to check for squeaks and nail loose floorboards. In this case, the best approach is to nail into a floor joist with 8d finishing nails.
  • Contain the dust: In this step, the dust is stopped from spreading in the house. In this doorways and ductwork is closed with plastic sheeting.
  • Rough-Sand the Floor: If the floor is in a very condition, it should be started with a drum sander otherwise it just needs vibrating sander if the floor is not too bad.
  • Sweep & Vacuum: It is done between sandings as the sanding dust eventually gets in the way of the sanding process and must be removed.
  • Fine-Sane the floor: It is done with a vibrating sander and they level the minor unevenness left by drum sanders.
  • Sand the edge & corners: In this, edge sander is used to sand the edge and corners. Edge sanders usually come as a rental and they are very difficult to control.
  • Finish-Sand the edges: It is used to finish the tight places such as corners. It is done using random-orbit sander and they are easy to control than edge sanders. They provide excellent efficiency at low pace.
  • Apply Stain: This is done after sanding. In this, the dust is vacuumed which is followed up with a tack cloth. After this, wood stain is applied with a foam applicator pad.
  • Wipe off excess stain: In this, excess stain is removed after few minutes of applying the stain. For this, clean cotton clothes and paper towels are used.
  • Apply Finish: This is the last phase of floor refinishing process. In this, firstly apply the first coat of varnish such as Polyurethane, either oil-base or water-base with a lamb’s-wool applicator.